- Christmas cake toppers with Santa Claus

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0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Christmas sugar cake toppers with snowmen

Set contains: 8 Snowmen, 8 Christmas trees, 8 Rudolfs, 4 Jingle Bells and 4 toys. The size of all the decorations is about 2.50 cm.

These decorations we recommend for Christmas cakes and cupcakes.

Decorations can be made in any colour.

Ingredients: sugar, egg white, edible colors. Suitable for vegetarians and are fat free, nut free, GM free, gluten free. Usable for 6 months. We recommend  keep in dry and dark place. Do not refrigerate.

We don‘t shelf, do only to order. Unlimited quantity. We are registered with Environmental Health (under regulation (EC) on the hygiene of foodstuffs Article.

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