About Us

Acctually, I do not like to write about myself and my team. Just I love what I'm doing, love my girls and they love what they are doing. I hope my husband has not take a notice that his not mentioned, though trying to be helpful. By the way, we began justt both at the beginning of the 2011 th in UK. I was making and he was receiving orders, correspondence with customers. Nice to remember that time - how we're so "young and silly" without experience. It was really funny time we never done like that before.. It's seemed that not much time passed from time we started, but during that time, we grew up, we taken lots lessons, we gain some sort of experience. Now we can advise for some things.
Well, what now?
We moved to Lithuania and I dare say, probably we are the first and largest manufacturers of cake decorations in Lithuania. Well, if don't boast, we are sending to anywhere in the world. Some are known and have steady customers in United Kingdom, Germany, USA and Australia.
We produce weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and for any occasions. Our decorations are made from sugar and chocolate paste. We making sugar or chocolate paste by ourself, mixing and matching colors, creating design. We do lot of special orders from our custumers. We produce a variety of sizes, any colors and any design decorations.
I hope that here you will find what you're looking for your cake. If not ... Do not hesitate and ask us, we advise and produce what you need for.